• Sagi Saltoun

    Sagi Saltoun - Managing Director at Cardonet




    Based in London



    Managing Director at Cardonet


    I began life at Cardonet in 1998, building Cardonet part-time whilst studying at Queen Mary University. Upon graduating with a BA and a Masters in Engineering, I decided the excitement of working at Cardonet was all the reason I needed to join the team full-time. Although I am now MD of Cardonet, you’ll still find me rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck in when it comes to helping clients.

    Cardonet Skill Set:
    • Fervent over-achiever
    • Fearless in execution and delivery
    • Unsurpassed knowledge of complex systems

    What Makes Me Tick:
    • Prioritising client needs
    • Less talking more fixing
    • Consistent delivery

    With our background and extensive experience in the hotel industry, migrating complex systems is something we’ve done a lot - and without much challenge. Add multiple hotels and an impossible timescale into the equation, all of a sudden things aren’t so simple! For me this gets me excited and are projects I am most proud of.
    I believe in reliable, transparent, and consistent delivery. Our clients are my number one priority, and I do whatever it takes to give them what they need. This begins by asking lots of questions so we can get an understanding of what their real need is, and what’s best for them in terms of a solution. Next comes execution; I make sure we always deliver on-time and on-budget, with absolutely no exceptions.

    Outside Cardonet I invest my time in charity work, travel, and checking out the latest tech and gadgets on the market. I’m a keen photographer, and a big foodie - aside from migrating eight hotels in one day, I think my biggest achievement was when I once cooked for 150 people! Safe to say both had their challenges, but were equally rewarding and huge successes in their own right.


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